Automotive Industry
May 5, 2023

Lessons Learned from a Trajectory in Finance

Lessons Learned from a Trajectory in Finance
Automotive Industry
May 5, 2023

Lessons Learned from a Trajectory in Finance

Ignacio Gassó
Co-founder & Chief Operation Officer
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Finance is a dynamic industry that requires individuals with diverse skill sets and expertise. For many, the journey into finance begins with a college degree in business or finance, but the path that leads to a career in finance can be varied and unpredictable. In this article, we will explore the journey of an individual who has had a great trajectory in finance from college to the present day.

The individual in question started their journey in finance with a degree in Business Administration pre-law from Michigan State University. With aspirations to become an attorney, the individual's journey took a different turn. They decided not to pursue further education and instead sought to enter the workforce and make money. This led them to a job at Anderson Consulting, which later became Accenture, where they started in an internal finance role.

In their role, the individual managed financials for large implementation projects, including web-based projects and dealer connection projects. These projects required the management of profitability, revenue, and other financial metrics. This internal finance role gave the individual their first taste of client-facing work and set them on a path to pursue M&A roles.

The individual moved into M&A roles early on in their career, where they worked on buy-side M&A deals. They were responsible for conducting due diligence on target companies, providing clients with documentation required for securing loans, and helping clients make decisions on whether or not to pursue the acquisition. The individual worked for a regional firm, Plant Moran, during the 2008 banking crisis, which led to a decrease in business, and they eventually moved on to more internal finance roles.

The individual's career continued to evolve, and they moved on to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, where they continued to work in internal finance roles. After that, they joined Deloitte, where they worked their way up through the internal FP&A group, managing the global practice and eventually becoming the controller for the Global Consulting Group.

The individual then moved on to Maserati, where they worked in a dedicated finance role in the manufacturing industry, focusing on automotive and IT. Most recently, the individual has moved into the education industry, bringing their vast finance expertise to a new field.

Throughout their career, the individual has bounced around different roles and industries, but the skills and expertise they gained from each experience have helped them grow and evolve in their career. The individual's journey is a testament to the diverse opportunities available in the finance industry and the importance of adapting to change and seizing new opportunities.

In conclusion, the journey of this individual in the finance industry is a testament to the importance of taking risks, pursuing new opportunities, and constantly expanding one's knowledge and skills. Their journey has been challenging and rewarding, filled with diverse experiences and opportunities to learn and grow. It serves as an inspiration to anyone interested in pursuing a career in finance and demonstrates that success in this industry is achievable through hard work, perseverance, and a willingness to take on new challenges.

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