Automated FP&A  for
all your companies

● Streamline data workflows through seamless integrations.
● Keep your forecast in sync with the latest information.
● Leverage dynamic reports with always up-to-date insights.

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Automation & Collaboration

Data-driven organizations outperform their peers
by leveraging data as a strategic asset.

⏱ Real-time financial and performance reporting

Obtain a comprehensive view of your company’s financial situation, create customized reports & dashboards, and surface insights in real time with your key stakeholders.

🚀 Automate
spreadsheet tasks

Stop copying and pasting! Prevent errors due to manual data entry and achieve a 10x faster financial closing & reporting process without worrying about data consistency issues.

🤝 Enable

Gain organizational alignment by ensuring everyone is viewing the same data, enabling real-time collaboration between teams in a secure data environment.

🔮 Predictable

Forecast future performance, tackle revenue leaks, and measure effectiveness by leveraging continuous planning capabilities along with a comprehensive metrics suite.

How it works

ADP Workforce Now
Oracle Netsuite
Sage Intacct
Microsoft Dynamics

your data sources

Connect multiple cloud and on-premise data sources including ERP, CRM, databases, spreadsheets, analytics, and much more.

Bring all your tools and data together in Cofi to create a single workspace where your team can focus and get work done.

Build up your

Easily calculate key metrics to track performance and plan for the future. Combine cross-functional data from different sources to create relevant finance & operations KPIs for your organization.

and plan

Update financial plans in real-time to collaborate more effectively with key stakeholders, both internal and external. Additionally, assessing multiple scenarios as part of strategic planning can highlight key decisions your organization needs to make.


Build and share reports effortlessly and at scale. Monitor your business in real-time and turn insights into decisions faster.

Leverage a wide variety of out-of-the-box charts to quickly get a better understanding of your business’sperformance.

Best in class solution for data management

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➡️ Fast onboarding

Exponentially faster than legacy solutions. Start planning within hours.

⚙️ Self-sufficient solution

Users can customize their metrics, plans, and reports without any external support. Anytime, anywhere.

✅ Reliable and consistent data

Reference a single source of truth for more confident data decision-making.

🎨 Fully customizable

Build your own metrics catalogue, plans, and reports. No two companies’ metrics look the same.

🏗 User-friendly

Cofi is built with the user in mind. Our UI/UX is simple and powerful, focusing only on what matters. No distractions.

⭕️ Customer centric

Need help? Our team is there for you 24/7 around the clock.

Success stories

What executives say about Cofi.

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Excel works very well when you only have five workbooks, or ten, but when the number of worksheets starts to multiply, things can get shaky. We were looking for a solid platform that would not compromise the flexibility our company requires: Cofi offered us the perfect solution.

Gemma García
CFO at Congost

With Cofi, we moved from a more traditional FP&A approach to a much more dynamic planning environment in line with the current market demands; in addition, the work of our finance team has an impact on every area of our business.

Head of Finance at Kompyte

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