Cofi integrates data from your existing tech stack to give you a single source of truth.

ERP and accounting solutions

Cofi integrates with most Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and accounting software, automatically updating your financial forecasts with historical financial information. This saves hours of time every month and removes the risk of data upload errors.

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Automation & Collaboration

Must-have insights needed to run your business

You are now able to surface the must-have insights needed to run your business with a comprehensive and collaborative view:

📊 Get a view in real-time of the runway and cash balances

Merging CRM and ERP data ensures an always up-to-date and predictable view of your business.

🔮 Get a comprehensive view into your future cash

Easily identify your accounts payables and receivables to monitor your cash previsions.

💬 Answer confidently to what is your Customer Acquisition Cost

Combining expenses and sales data allows you to get a trusted view of your CAC.

CRM solutions

Integrations with your CRM software facilitates the automatic update of key sales data to your planning model, along with key metrics like ARR and LTV and your sales pipeline.

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BI Solutions

With our API export, you can either use Cofi as a single source of truth to push data to your favorite BI solution or import data from it to build your reports and forecasts in Cofi.

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