COFI Drives FinTech Innovation with Support from CDTI

COFI Drives FinTech Innovation with Support from CDTI

COFI Drives FinTech Innovation with Support from CDTI

At COFI, we are committed to developing advanced financial planning and analysis solutions for businesses, driving digital transformation and operational efficiency in the financial sector. It is with great honor that we announce our dedication and efforts towards innovation have been recognized and supported by the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI), through the NEOTEC project.

This project has been crucial for the development of pioneering technologies on our platform, allowing us to make significant advancements in the implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning tools. These innovations are designed to offer our clients more accurate, customizable, and user-friendly solutions, making a significant difference in how medium-sized businesses manage and project their finances.

We wish to express our deepest gratitude to the CDTI and the Next Generation EU Funds for their trust and support in our project. The assistance received has been essential in accelerating our research and development capabilities, ensuring that COFI continues to lead in FinTech technology.

The collaboration with the CDTI not only reflects the potential and quality of our solutions but also underscores our ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence. With this support, COFI firmly positions itself in its mission to transform the financial sector, offering tools that empower businesses to meet tomorrow's challenges.

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