Board Report
February 9, 2023

CFO's Superpower for the Future

CFO's Superpower for the Future
Board Report
February 9, 2023

CFO's Superpower for the Future

Ignacio Gassó
Co-founder & Chief Operation Officer
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As technology advances, it's becoming increasingly difficult to predict what the future holds for businesses and their finance leaders. With so many new tools and automation techniques coming to the forefront, it's easy to assume that the number one superpower for CFOs would be staying on top of the latest trends and adopting them quickly.

However, Brian, a CFO with years of experience, offers a different perspective. When asked what he believes the number one superpower for CFOs in the future is, he emphasized the importance of people. Specifically, he believes that the ability to empower and leverage your team is the key to success.

According to Brian, every finance leader has a team, whether it's internal or external. And it's essential to empower them by giving them the tools they need to succeed, whether it's through training, mentorship, or access to cutting-edge technology. But empowerment alone isn't enough. The next step is to leverage your team's skills to achieve your goals.

As a CFO, it's easy to feel like you need to be the expert in every area. But Brian's mentor taught him that it's not about being the best at everything; it's about recognizing when someone else can do a better job and allowing them to take the reins. This means being open to new ideas and giving your team the freedom to explore new ways of doing things.

Brian's advice is especially relevant in today's fast-paced business environment, where younger employees are often more in touch with the latest tools and techniques. As he explains, "There's always going to be an up and comer who's more adept at coding or spreadsheets, or whatever it may be. And so we just need to make sure we can communicate effectively with them, empower them and leverage the data that they can originate and pivot."

In conclusion, while technology and automation are undoubtedly important for CFOs in the future, Brian's advice reminds us that the number one superpower is something more fundamental: the ability to empower and leverage your team effectively. By doing so, CFOs can ensure that their organizations stay competitive and successful in the years to come.

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