Lead your organization closer to the numbers

Entitle everyone to work together by increasing clarity and trust. Drive the results your company needs with built-in, real-time collaboration.

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Automation & Collaboration

Align around a shared set of truth

Critical information shouldn't be scattered across handwritten notes, emails, and productivity applications. Connect your people, process, and technology in one central platform.

📮 Invite teams with role-based permissions

Easily manage the right level of visibility with robust roles and permissions so teams can be included in the right reports and financial workflows.

✍️ Enable self-service insights with team reports

Give departments line of sight into the most important business metrics with custom dashboards that are up-to-date at all times.

Automation & Collaboration

Entitle your organization to make data-driven decisions

Help sales, operations, HR, and others across the business take ownership — so everyone can drive the business forward.

⛏ Build department-level budgets

Align with other leaders on hiring plans and key expenses to create unique performance trackers and metrics tailored to their team goals.

𝌘 Track live forecast vs. actuals

Review variances in performance together using real-time insights on revenue, expenses, sales, and headcount — drill down to underlying detail to analyze what happened.

1️⃣ Gather feedback & analysis in one place

Get off email and work as a united team by sharing inputs and talking on your boards. Tag colleagues, leave comments and reply to get work done quickly and deliver insights on your models with a display text widget.

Unite teams around a common financial language

Cofi democratizes financial data, KPI definitions and best practices to promote a culture of shared understanding, increasing financial intelligence across your organization.

📄 Leverage best practice FP&A templates

Pre-loaded templates activate the power of a team of analysts, helping unlock key insights across sales, marketing, operations, HR, and finance.

🎯 Set, align, and track team goals

Cofi centralizes your most important company financials — acting as a one-stop-shop for current performance and future growth plans.