Cofi Analytics

Analyze effortlessly - Act intentionally

Get peace of mind with enterprise-grade tools that deliver top-notch cloud security and full compliance on a single Strategic Finance Platform.

↕️ Analyze more, compile less

Streamline data aggregation and save days of work with integrations and workflow automation that help you operate at scale.

📩 Share performance in real-time

Deliver timely answers to the business — so there’s consensus, trust, and unity in financial and operational decisions.

🙏 Drive collaborative goals

Set up goals and track performance across any metric and team with real-time forecasts vs. actuals.

Automation & Collaboration

Scenario analysis

You can create new scenarios in seconds and compare them with your base case. If your model changes, your scenarios update automatically.

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Automation & Collaboration

Metrics Catalog

Run a powerful analysis on-demand, and deliver out-of-the-box insights, exactly when you need them.

🔛 Automate the facts

Hundreds of metrics are available at the click of a button. Key metrics are calculated using best practices, giving teams complete visibility and control across their business.

🎨 Customize the configuration

Define and configure metrics according to the needs of your business — and easily transform them into insights that help tell your company's story.

📈 Align teams around growth

Easily select metrics to create visually stunning reports.

Process Automation

Your all-in-one analytics platform

Make data wrangling and error-prone manipulation a thing of the past. Automate data aggregation, calculation, and visualizations so you can make decisions faster.

✋ On-demand financial reports

Customize financial reports or view your P&L, balance sheet, and cash flow in real-time — seamlessly overlay a forecast to get a firm grasp on where you’re headed.

📖 Explain the story behind the numbers

Quickly swap charts to tables, add notes, and optimize visuals for the entire business to understand.

✖️ Multi-subsidiary consolidations

Take consolidation from a manual accounting task to a seamless analytics integration. Explore consolidated or individual company views in seconds.

🔎 Drill down to explore the details

Overlay multiple metrics for powerful analysis. Drill down to atomic unit-level data for deeper, more interactive cuts.