Collaborative Financial Planning Platform 

Adapt strategic and financial planning to market changes in an agile and collaborative way.

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What is Cofi?

Cofi is a strategic and financial planning platform for mid-market companies. It allows adapting to market changes quickly, enhancing collaboration and analysis between the different teams of the company.

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Elevate financial planning

  • Create different future scenarios combining strategic business information and external market information.

  • Analysis and monitoring of deviations to iterate and adjust financial planning in an agile way.

  • Automate collaboration processes and extract reports so that your team can focus on high-value-added tasks.

No hardware or investment in IT

Work from anywhere in the world in real time. Collaborate with the different departments and teams of the company, all from the cloud.

How does it work?


All the information in one place

We automate the aggregation of financial information from the different systems of the teams

  • Working with multiple spreadsheets makes collaboration difficult and slow.

  • With Cofi the whole debate is centered in a place where the information is updated and in real time.

Continuous situation analysis

We combine artificial intelligence with advanced financial modeling techniques to perform forecasting and variance analysis.

  • Identify important changes to improve your recommendations to other directors.

  • Monitor all flows to constantly learn and iterate on planning.

Collaborative planning

Use the workflow for approvals and version control.

  • Collect the budgets of each business area and department in a fast and agile way.
  • Completely customizable workflows based on the characteristics of each business.

How does it work?

With just two steps you can focus on what you do best while Cofi controls the health of your business.

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Latest posts

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